Cats or Dogs

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 0

I’ve had cats for years, but more recently have become a dog owner, something that I never thought I would do. Let’s just say that my daughter won. 🙂

I’ve grown to love the little guy. It would be almost impossible not to love him. He has much love to give and wants nothing but love us. He is so loving it’s almost embarrassing and definitely hard to keep up with him. He just likes to be in the room with me. He always up to play, lay at my feet or snuggle. He is so different than my cat.

The cat lays around all day. He only bothers to acknowledge me when he wants something. He seems to want affection only when he’s cold, or I’m sleeping. He never says, thank you like the dog does and when I come into the room after extended absents he wakes, meows and glares at me, as though I committed an atrocity by merely waking him up. On occasion, he asks to be petted, but only when it suits him, then he attacks me if I do it too long.

Recently, I’ve been reading Genesis to my family and it hit me that God must have enjoyed Adam and Eve much like I enjoy this dog and vice-versa.

Since ” The-Fall ” I think we are more like cats.


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