Politics is Power, strangely Jesus wasn’t.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 1

My Christian friends on Facebook keep telling me who I should or shouldn’t vote for.

Politics is about POWER. At the Presidential level, the pursuit of political office is the pursuit of ultimate POWER. This alone is everything OPPOSITE of Jesus. Phil 2:4-11.

We are a theology built on the notion that Jesus freed us from the law. 2000 years later, on the other side of the planet, in a baby country barely over 200 years old, we make every party and political decision based on what laws they might make or remove. This. Is. Crazy.

As long as Christians believe they need to CONTROL the political winds of any nation, is the longer we stall building real Kingdom. God’s Kingdom is THE alternative to ALL the world’s authorities not the conversion of them. America is NO exception.

Christianity, the Body, has faired just fine and often more Holy Spirit empowered in Countries where we are ignored, marginalized, or despised. Jesus tells us to pay our taxes, avoid the courts and obey the local rules, So we remain ignored because that’s the best we get.

America is not God’s country; Jesus’ Ecclesia (Church) is.

Ironically, Jesus’ Ecclesia is a Greek political term for a democratic vote or Calling out to the Polls, to vote. We know we need to have a say, we’re just not sure where that voice belongs.

Ecclesia is how we were to manage ourselves within the Body. It was the structure of our self-governance and authority.

Instead, we show up on Sundays doing everything and anything but ecclesia. Singing songs, hearing a message (rarely a teaching), shaking hands with people we have no time to know.

We have no authority over anything except where we sit and like good little comrades; we centralise the money; relinquish communications to the only paid portions of our communities who make sure we know we are free to volunteer and most if not all of the amenities are “free”-ish.

Socialism on Sunday.
Capitalism for the rest of the week.


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