The Land of Yes

Saturday, August 16, 2014 0

A small little world floats in space
circled by its moons in place
The planet’s name is Nurple Nome
Those who live there call it home
Nurps are strange and rather small
on rare occasion, one is tall.
They maybe purple, maybe pink
I never heard of one to stink
They do have towns and a city bell
but love the beach where oceans swell
In a special place not far away
My story begins, some will say
In a tiny town the Nurps call Yes
resides a girl who’s name is Bless
Her house is small and painted blue
and from the window she has a view
She can see the sea abound
and looking left Bless sees to town
She is bored with things in sight
Finding the new, that’s her plight
Travel the sea to outer land
Find what’s there and why its band
This place of mystery she must go
To a land the Nurps named No
She packs her lunch and dinner too
A sandwich, chips and barley stew
She sneaks out back to find her boat
Nurps can swim, but barely float
She crawls inside with nigh a sound
she must hide and not be found
She pushes off and out to sea
Her little boat “Trusty” is set free
The air is cool and full of fog
The smell is fresh They have no smog
On her way to distant lands
She pulls out maps and lists of plans
by morrow’s morn she should arrive
So excited and quite alive,
pulls up a quilt to warm her toes
she tuggled down under windy blows
The stars were out and shining bright
adding charm to such a night
Of her travels Bless was dreaming
discoveries and treasures she was beaming
Morning came and lit the day
Bless awoke and prepared her way

Up the beach and on to town
where some must live but weren’t around
The stores had signs that all read free
“But that’s not right, how could it be?”
Everything has cost; she thought
Anything with worth must be bought
Not here, in the land of No
All is free, no need for doe.
Where should I start she thought with speed
Toys and books she bubbled with greed
This store or that, which would be first
Deep in her thoughts, “What if it’s cursed?”
Out of her mind that went with a flash
All this stuff and without any cash
Store after store she visited with glee
She still couldn’t believe all this was free
Last on the block built up with red brick
Stood a toy store, “this won’t be quick.”
Toys were scattered across the floor
Played with this toy and that one then wanted more
Every box opened every toy played
Soon she became sleepy and slept where she laid
A voice from the dark came loud and deep
“Whose going to pay? The price will be steep!”
Bless got to her feet looking around
It seemed everyone was here and staring down
These Nurp weren’t purple nor were they pink
they were all shades of green and had a bad stink
“Why should I pay? The signs say free.”
“Read the fine print that is the key”
This sign and that were shoved in her face
the print was small with hardly a space
The small words were there not easy to read
warning after warning clamming to heed
This sign proclaimed, “prices will vary.”
Once in the shop you had to be wary
Bless had enjoyed her very best day
The time had now come for someone pay
“I have no money and checks I do lack
Let’s call it even I’ll give it all back.”
“You have no money” one mocked in surprise
“We are so sorry,” they sang dripping with lies
“Put her to work to pay off her debt
She will live long this I do bet.”
Grabbed by the ankles without any haste
Bless was carried off to a horrible place
Nurps of all ages colors and sizes
were working the mines of Nasty Disguises
They too had come to No
Fell for the trap and ended up low.

Damp and dark she began to pray
Send some help here where I lay
Bless was in tears beginning to cry
When she heard a voice come out of the sky
It sounded familiar and sounded quite sad
Bless was relieved at the voice of her dad
He was negotiating, a deal in the making
She was so scared and couldn’t stop shaking
She wanted to warn, give him a hint
“Don’t sign,” she yelled, “Read the fine print.”
Her father is charming witty and wise
He won’t fall pray to their smelly green guise
He bartered and traded and bartered till late
Finally, he got access into the gate
He scooped up Bless, his precious prize
Daddy had won. He had countered their lies
“That’s not how it happened I am sorry to say
I paid in full by offering to stay.”
“Your debt was large, more than I made
but you can go home your bill has been paid.”
“I will labor till the very last dime.”
She said not a word and left the cold mine.
He took her place to pay her bill
So she could be free and healthy still
He gave her a hug and kissed her pink head
told her, “go straight home and get into bed.”
They lead him back down into the hole
where he would work digging up coal
She waved goodbye and threw him a kiss
he knew she was sorry and he she would miss
Down to the beach and right out of the town
where “Trusty” was waiting, floating around
She sailed back to Yes and to bed she did go
Obedience a must, now she did know
She lay there in twilight toasty and warm
and knew he had loved her since she was born
He told her no, many of kind
she now knew he loved her every time
A lesson she learned that warmed her heart
Her father had loved her from her start
Except for love, nothing is free
Trusting her father that is the key
On the day when daddy’s returned
she will show him what she has learned
Goodness promised, to always do right
to live by the day and not by the night
To live in Yes where she can grow
and flee from places daddy calls No.



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