A letter to a good friend

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 0

I love you too, brother.

Great times (and some tough ones)! but we preserver.

Thank you for the compliment, “one of the REAL ones” that means a lot to me. I have had many, many shifts in my understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the past year.

A few months ago, it became clear while talking with God, that our whole obsession with right and wrong, good and bad was merely a diversion, something for us to own, manage and manipulate. It is an illusion. The Jews had done the same thing with the Law. That day I began to look at my life, behavior, motivations, actions, thoughts and even sins from the paradigm of real verse fiction not right or wrong. There can be “good” people in works of fiction.

Jesus said that none of us is good. Only God is good. That is the reality. The problem is we live in worlds of made up stories, layers within layers of shared, plagiarized, ignorant fantasies.

I had a dream the other night I will have to share when I have time to call, but after I had awoken, I was in a daze, like I was underwater for most of the day. I think I had experienced such “realness” that this world seemed distant, mirage-like. It took some time for my mind and body to re-adjust into the proper tempo, lulling me back, syncing with the melody of lies we comfortably call truth.

I have left church, the co-conspirator in the storyline, an advocate of the world narrative that dulls our senses, dumbing us down into compliant little protagonists that play our silly religious roles. Like well behaved third graders in a school play, we don the attire of the world’s enemy all the while selling tickets to the same show.

In the world not of it!!!

There is a whole new meaning in those words. We are in fiction, a fallen corrupt world. “The Matrix.” We should no longer perform as one if it’s actors, authors or it’s audience.

We are Kings of the Kingdom yet to arrive. We are stewards, lovingly serving, humbly protecting and servant ruling on behalf of the King of Kings. We are His Ekklesia. We walk in His authority bestowed on us, companioned by His Spirit endowed to each other.

Love, heal, fix, restore, forgive, reveal, preserve and illuminate…

Go into the street, proclaim it your domain. A piece of Kingdom come, where you reign and evil, sin and destruction no longer have a place. The gates of Hell will shudder, moving out of your way as it cannot stand against such authority.

I too feel, sound and seem a little crazy. I think crazy is the only option, at least while in transition.

Welcome to “The Out Here”


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