Tuesday, July 15, 2014 0
When “The Law” ceases to dispense Justice (and mercy) we are left with a law that simply protects “order”.
At this point, “order” replaces civilized and civilized is redefined to mean compliant. The reality is, that “order” provides the powerful (and their wealth) protection from multitudes of the weak and poor. Justice is sacrificed in the name of civilization and any call or protest by the dispossessed, claiming that the powerful should be held to a same or even reasonable apportion of Justice will be intolerable and by definition illegal.


Friday, July 15, 2011 1

In our beginning… We are born into a world that is fiction. Once possessed by that lie, we require Revelation. Once Truth is revealed, we need a Deliverer. Once we are delivered, we' need a Destination. Once we arrive, we need a way to Govern. Once we govern, we can offer Revelation to those still lost in fiction. The notion that we are ...