Challenging Beliefs

Thursday, January 28, 2016 0

Why are people so afraid of being challenged on what they believe in? I think it’s because they are unsure of it themselves. If we welcomed opposing dialogue more often i think we would all be the stronger for it.

We have connected belief to identity, and our identity to our belief. Therefore anyone who challenges, effectively changes, or hold another belief accosts “who we are” rather than “what we think”!

We also choose to believe in the things at which come the easiest or by default define us as good. This makes our identity a lowest common denominator and one derived with little thought in the first place. Making both our belief systems and our identities fragile.

Fragile things must be protected at all cost. And anything that might define me as less, defective, or needing improvement is unacceptable. I would add that most beliefs are boiled down to vapid undefinable, and un defendable platitudes, metaphors, and truisms. Without real meaning, but heavily influencing who we think we are, we protect our beliefs from any real analysis, especially our own.

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