Friday, July 15, 2011 1

In our beginning…

We are born into a world that is fiction.
Once possessed by that lie, we require Revelation.
Once Truth is revealed, we need a Deliverer.
Once we are delivered, we’ need a Destination.
Once we arrive, we need a way to Govern.
Once we govern, we can offer Revelation to those still lost in fiction.

The notion that we are on a journey with God or a work-in-progress drives me crazy. The above quote is my attempt to understand being prophetically delivered.

Think about the Israelites. They were slaves in Egypt for around 400 years. That is “who” they were, slaves. But it is a lie.
Moses is interrupted by the God at the burning bush. A revelation. Moses became the revealer commanding that the Israelites were God’s people. Moses then delivers them out of Egypt. God provides the Promised Land, a destination. God provides the 10 Commandments, a way to Govern. The Nation of Israel becomes the platform for God’s inaction with man, and for the coming of Jesus.

The 40 years the Israelites were in the desert was NOT a journey. They, similar to Lot’s wife could let go of Egypt. They remained slaves to Egypt and slaves to another can’t enter God’s domain. God was waiting for them to die so He could work with the children born in the dessert, those born free.

Don’t settle for a Journey with God.
Live in the Kingdom now!
Be a rebel, a non-conformist and a dissonant of the worlds current administration.


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