Feeling Ripped Off

Saturday, August 16, 2014 0

Dear Paster Frank,

I attended your Romans bible study for the first time last Wednesday night at the same time my six-year-old daughter, Willow attends your children’s program, Sparks. She was so excited that I was attending a class just like she was she could hardly wait to get there. After class was over for the both of us, we got in the car a proceeded home. Now we live close to the church, and our commute is quite short, however in that quick drive I made the decision to not come back to your class.

The following is a conversion I had with Willow.

“Dad, how was your class?”

I replied, “It was awesome; Paster Frank is a great teacher.”

“Are you going to go back next week?” asked Willow.

“Yes, I can hardly wait until next Wednesday.” I told her.

“Me too!” said Willow

Then Willow asked, “Dad, did you get your vest?”

“No!” I said. “I don’t think Frank’s class has vests.” I thought this was cute as she is proud of the red Spark’s vest she wears every Wednesday.

After a pause Willow asked, “Then where do you put your patches?”

The question was stated with such passion and deep concern, I was almost afraid to reveal the truth to her. But I pressed forward. After a deep breath, I told her that Frank’s Bible study didn’t give out patches.

Willow said, “Daddy, are you teasing me?”

“No sweetheart, I’m not. We don’t get patches.”

Another uncomfortable moment of silence filled the car. This time she was hesitant to ask her next question, I think afraid of the answer.

Willow began, “Dad, Do you get a snack?”


“Do you get to play games?”


“Do you get to go outside?”


“Do you get to color?”


“Do you get to say memory verses’?”


“Do you get to do a craft?”


“Do you have a bulletin board?”


“Do you have tables?”


Finally, after five minutes of me answering no, she gave up. The remaining few minutes of our drive was in somber silence. As we pulled into the driveway, Willow said, “Dad?”

“What sweetheart?”

“Dad, I don’t think you should go back to that class, it sounds really boarding.”

“Well, Willow when you put it that way, I think your right.”



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