Global Warming

Friday, July 20, 2007 0

I was thinking about global warming a lot these days as it is my first summer in Scottsdale, AZ after leaving Seattle, WA last year. It is hot!

Some say the global Warming movement is a religion. I say it is a cult.

People like Gandhi and Mother Teresa even Billy Graham lived the life they preached if not beneath it. Jesus came as a servant of men, not a ruler.

It is cult leaders like David Koresh, Robert Tilton, and L. Ron Hubbard and who set themselves up on a pedestal and live exceptionally well off the backs of those stupid enough to serve them.

That said, tell me which camp this movement belongs.

When I hear the urgency in Al Gore or Sheryl Crow’s speeches, I see in my mind a scenario from a recent sci-fi movie. The astronauts are floating in space in their small damaged ship, with only 34 hours of oxygen left. Now, these clever people institute amazing discipline to extend 34 hours to 58 hours. No one is watching movies, playing video games or cooking hamburgers. They sit in the dark, cold ship (not wasting power on heaters) speaking as little as possible, preserving oxygen and hoping for salvation.

Now apply that to the dire state Global Warmest “SAY” we are in.

If we are in such a state, ALL unnecessary activities must end. That means NO Entertainment. Imagine the energy sucking, machine that is Hollywood. The car and building explosions, the paper used for movie posters and adds, the plastics, the jet fuel all for what? Meaningless enjoyment. On top of that, folks like George Clooney and Brad Pitt are paid millions only to spend all of it on cars, and high homes each with seven air conditioners, privet jets, spacious hotel rooms. The environmental damage alone we perpetuate just by paying our $10.00 movie ticket is insidious.

My god! Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow have the audacity to suggest I take the bus to work or car-pool to conserve while they commute to work from Europe by private jet. At least fly commercial and save fuel.

Any Global Warmest, who lives in a house that has more than 100 Square feet per family member, is a big fat environmental hypocrite. The Native Americans had large families in one tee-pee that averaged around 96sf.

Hotels! They have to be the most-wasteful places on earth, besides Disney World. Throwing out all those half used shampoos and soap bars and washed unused towels. So NO more Travel, NO more vacations. Las Vegas needs to be leveled. No more indoor sports arenas, malls, and “green” congressmen need to meet in the park and take the bus.

Universities are almost as bad. Look at the travel they promote. Tens of thousands of cars and planes force to move west coast students to east coast schools and east coast students to the west coast schools at least four times a year. What insanity is this? Then there is Spring break. Now we have to move all the students to Mexico for just a week. How pointless and wasteful is that?

Pulling all of these individuals out of perfectly good shared homes, only to multiply their need for gas, electricity, computers, food, and god no! More air-conditioning. If they all stayed home, ate with mom and dad, used their family computer for online courses. Think of all the trees that could be saved by not having all the ridiculously priced books students are forced to buy.

Apple Computer is moving to be greener. However, the greenest 30’ Apple Display, iPod or laptop, is the one NOT made!!! How many Lithium batteries have Apple, Vtech and Sony forced us to use and throw away. How many perfectly good CTR monitors and tube televisions have been trashed at the invention of the flat screen. Could they be more culpable? Shut down and stop killing our planet.

Anyone who believes Al Gore and still attends rock concerts watches television, goes to movies, plays video games, travels for college, owns an iPod, goes to baseball games (including little league) or even drives their Prius to a park to walk their damn dog, is a big fat hypocrite.

If George Clooney, Sheryl Crow, and Al Gore are serious and YOU believe them, don’t stop at bottled water, quit all forms of entertainment, after which cease most forms of consumerism. Stay home, leave the lights off, the heat off, the air-conditioners off, the TV off, the phone off, the computer off, and eat only what you can grow organically in your yard. (Think of the toilet paper you won’t use.)

Hell, the illegals and a few farmers in Kansas will be the only humans to survive.

There is no such thing as “green” entertainment.
Be smart and don’t follow hypocrites


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