I’ll go 2nd

Friday, October 17, 2008 0

A proposed “Gun Control” movement called “I’ll go 2nd.”

It would state that (we the citizen) would willingly give up our guns, following the excellent example of the Entertainment Industry, News Media, and Government.

They go 1st.

For an entire generation or thirty consecutive years and all years following, big entertainment must cease making movies, or tv shows glamorization, containing or demonstrating the use of guns, cool people with weapons, or any problem solved by the use of firearms. All movies and tv shows currently displaying the use of guns must be destroyed and never shown again. The government must mandate a compulsory gun-in-movie buyback program financed by SAG, and owning any such media going forward would be illegal.

Rap and other forms of music must restrict any lyrical references to guns or criminal violence. Their attire, including rings, necklaces, belt buckles, and tattoos that depict firearms, bullets, and weaponry, in general, must be destroyed, and owning any such media going forward would be illegal. The government would institute a gun-in-music buyback program. Owning older CDs containing guns would be unlawful.

Video game companies cease the production of all video games that feature, celebrate and teach gun violence, or the killing and multiplayer hunting of humans, monsters, animals and/or cartoons. The government must mandate a mandatory gun-in-game buyback program financed by game makers in which proceeds go to the development of education only games. Owning older games containing guns would be illegal.

All News organizations must cease the sensationalizing and celebutizing of criminals. Shooters would only be referred to via a numerical identifier. All tv news outlets must wait 72 hours before reporting on any mass shooting event. They can only cover it for one hour or less per day. The supposed shooter’s face must be blurred, hiding their identity from the general public, removing any chance for fame on behalf of their crime.

NOTE: This program does not include novels, as I don’t fear teens who read.

Only when the corporate entertainment industry as ceased all capitalization and glorification of gun use, and the general male adolescent population’s fascination with guns has appropriately receded, will I be willing to go without some form of self-protection!ed.

Lastly, in a show of good faith and belief in the security and success of this program, the wealthy and celebrities alike would no longer employ private security service companies, and the Secret Service no longer guards politicians.

Through a series of PSAs by the President, members of Congress, the wealthy, and various celebrities, it would be made clear that agencies or individuals no longer offer them armed protection.

Only then will I go 2nd.


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