Is Church an Ekklesia?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 0

A man, new to the area, walks into a local gym seeking a place to work out. Upon entering the House of Fitness (with is close to your house) he see a lot of nice friendly people. A greeter walks up to welcome him. Of course, hoping he will join. A greeter shows him where to get donuts and ice cream and asks him if he might prefer the movie room or video game room. The man looks around to see if he can find the hidden cameras hoping this might be Candid Camera or a part of some test. The man finds no such evidence.

The man responds, “Are you serious?”

Slightly hurt and taken back the pretty young greeter replies, “Yes of course I am serious, why do you ask?”

The man says, “This isn’t a gym.”

“What! How dare you.” she screams.

Now the man has everyone’s attention.

A man titled personal trainer asks the man why he would say such a thing.
“We have good friends here and a lot of fun. It’s a community” he claims.

“I am sure you have lots of fun,” the man says. “I’m glad for all of you, but still, this isn’t a gym. Furthermore, none of you is working out. The evidence in your belt sizes is obvious.”

“Shut up!” someone yells.

A rotund man holding a donut covered in ice cream walks up to the man and claims that he has been going to this gym for over fifteen years. He explained that he had been lonely, angry and mean before he came here and that the new man shouldn’t be so negative. He should only say polite and positive things.

The new man replied, “I am very sorry you were lonely, and I’m glad you found fellowship and a positive attitude. But I do not believe those are the main criteria of a gym.”

The big man takes a bite of his ice cream and asks the man how it is that he concludes that this place is in any way, not a gym.

The new man smiles, holding in a laugh, “because sir, the book describes a gym with certain functions and grows a person towards a specific and powerful end.”

Dripping with sarcasm and ice cream, the big man asks loudly so everyone can hear, “Please sir tell us all what should be happening in this “real” gym you speak of.”

The new man tells them…

“You want us to do what?” they scream in choir.

“Get out!” is the last thing he hears as he flees out the doors.


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