The Mayans were right!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 0

The Mayans were right… at least for me.

2012 was the end of me. Last year, 2011 on New Years I went to a church service and at midnight the usual cheering, singing and celebration were replaced by intense prayer and prophetic blessings. This was a first for me.

The Pastor asked me to come forward, get on my knees before God and put myself at His mercy. I was then to ask God for what I wanted Him to do with and in my life. A thousand things went through my mind. I had some aches and pains, some relationship issues; my employment was a soul-sucking nightmare. This had led to anger and other bad stuff. I wanted God to help with my health, laziness, my parenting, being a better husband and of course, lots of sins.

My mind felt like a roulette wheel spinning and spinning. Where would the wheel stop when the pastor got to me? Would it be the issue I wanted or something silly and pathetic? Panic was swelling. I wanted to ask for the right thing. I wanted to wish for more wishes, so I could cover everything I wanted from God. I walked forward, and Pastor Peter met me. He asked me how I wanted to be blessed for 2012. I was speechless …a rare occurrence for sure. 🙂

Finally, I stammered a tiny, ” I don’t know. ”

He asked me if he and I could, together ask God how He wanted to bless me.

A gigantic ” Duh! ” rose from deep in my brain. I felt dumb.

I had misunderstood the pastor’s original instructions. I simply shook my head in the affirmative. He began to call on God for me.

My knees grew weak and fell to them. He continued to pray on my behalf. A distant voice began the long climb from depths in my heart, a place in me; I had forgotten. The word rose and rose, still barely audible, muffled by my own thoughts, wants and clutter. Still he prayed. Eventually, my soul, my insides, joined my outsides already on it’s knees and now, finally, I was in total submission. I let go.


The word screamed inside my head, but my lips’ could barely whisper it.

As my mind caught up with my surroundings, I heard the pastor already praying freedom over me. Freedom was the obvious choice. It was so simple, and covered every item I had considered. This one word answered every concern I had.

Only as 2012 unfolded did I began to see the ramifications of God blessing me with Freedom.

I was fired in July. A ten-year career gone in a flash, but the beginning of a new-found love of life and future.

I have been home a few months with my wife, my kids and our new dog. It is wonderful. For the first time in a long while, I look forward to waking up.

I wonder with anticipation what 2013 holds for me.


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