My Name is

Taylor Aldridge

What a blessing to get to do what you love every day and get paid for it, instead of one of those jobs where one dreads getting up and going, I have a hard time quitting each day and the older I get, the earlier I seem to wake up ready to go. I am a father; it is this moniker I most cherish. I have so much fun doing what I do, it can be hard to settle in for a long weekend of family play.

I find such satisfaction in helping others make sense of things, creating the answer to the problems they have, helping to make the connections. Designing, storytelling, and brand building are all the same thing or rather each plays a role in the championing of some idea or thing. I am learning to think beyond a given system or culture. Questioning the norm is paramount when designing a brand. Thinking different is hardest for churches.

As a man of Faith, I place the Love of my neighbor and God truly at the pinnacle of my life. As a designer and builder, I owe the gifts of creativity, logic, and health a great deal. One these pages one will easily see it is a combination of all of this that helps to produce the musings, ideas, and contemplation gathered here. I do hope you find something useful or perhaps a little inspiring.

Professional Skills

I am a graphic designer who is honored to serve the Christian community.