Fundamentalist Doubling Down

Friday, May 5, 2017 4

This is a really good and fun piece on how Jesus dealt with tyranny, especially the tyranny that was supposed to be “on His side.” He most defiantly goes after the (church) Jewish leadership, and He gets them over and over. 🙂

But He doesn’t really go after Rome “the Government.”

This also leaves out Jesus’s more fundamentalist doubling down. “You have heard it was said (fundamental), but I tell you the truth (it’s even more strict than you thought). Of course, Truth is problematic in the age of relativism. Jesus should probably tone it down a bit by saying “my truth” or “you should find your truth, ” but he keeps saying offensive things like, “I am the way, the truth” “without me you can do nothing.” Oh and that “I am the way” nonsense is offensive to the Coexist “many ways” crowd.

Just for fun:

We loved the way Jesus stood up to those “men” about to stone that woman. But He had to go and ruin the whole incident by judging her chosen sexual lifestyle by telling the stop “sinning” (the woman at the well too, was super offended) Why Jesus, would you dare tell her what she shouldn’t do with her body?

Jesus’ stance on divorce is unacceptable, (didn’t He read The Scarlett Letter?) and His reference to marriage being a man and a woman is well, toxic. And His claim that his “father” MADE us “male” and “female” leaves out so many non-binary types, it is uncalled for and plays into stereotypes we don’t want to revisit.

Also, Jesus keeps feeding people and healing people and worse He is teaching His followers to freely share their stuff. This hurts our protest for new and better Government programs. It is hard to raise taxes when the poor are being cared for freely by individuals who love them.

And this claim He keeps making about casting out demons, we are the party of science, this is quite embarrassing. We all know the devil and demons are just metaphors for one’s inner struggles. (I am somewhat perplexed as to how Jesus gave those pigs epilepsy, though. That whole 40-day wilderness cleanse, where He claims Satan offered Him the world. “really?”)

Dear Lord, that parable about the three servants. Why on earth weren’t each servant, “must we use that word” given equal amounts? This seems so unfair. When the time was up, each servant “ugh” had a different outcome. Jesus, you should show us how to create better and more equal results. I’m am still shaking at the notion that that poor man who was given so little, wasn’t encouraged and given some of the other two’s earnings. OMG! You call him wicked and lazy. Must we use such judgemental and horrible language? Oh and the 12 virgins, ready to marry, where on earth do you find that many virgins? Are you hanging out with those weird homeschooled, bitter clinging, fundies again?

What’s with Peter open-carrying a sword? PLEASE tell he didn’t go to a sword show! Why is he even armed. Consider me Alarmed.

Looking at your diversity card, I’m super concerned. Jews? Do you ever talk to anyone else? What about other religions?
Twelve MEN. Seriously, you couldn’t have added a woman or two? And again all Jewish.

All this talk about sexual immorality seems a bit over the top. I mean love is love, right? Sex is natural. I think this topic should be shelved. Everyone knows marriage isn’t for everyone nor the only place for sex.

Lastly, this whole love your enemies thing. I’m mean it sounds good and all, but turning the other cheek, doing good to those who hate you?? This makes protesting really hard. If I thought you were serious, we’d have to chuck most of our signs and t-shirts.


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