Today, I did NOT wake up.

Thursday, March 26, 2015 2

I dislike most memes.

Rarely are they more than vapid platitudes preaching to choirs. They target segments of people, and without much thought, alienate those to whom it doesn’t ideally pertain. Memes tend to be so vanilla, that a cursory read of the comments shows few understanding the meaning in a similar way, rendering the thought meaningless.

Today in my Facebook feed, this was posted by a faithful and awesome friend. I do not question their motives or intentions, but I did feel the need to write a kind of “meme” response. While I appreciate the overtones of this particular meme, I immediately empathized with those who are not healthy or just lost a spouse or child. Those whose lives have not merited “Hope” through the commonly associated successes identified with varied prosperity gospels.




thank you

Hey, God!

Today, I did not wake up.

…but, I met Moses and Adam

Had lunch with Peter. Has he always been this fastidious about which fork to use?

Gold streets are totally awesome, btw.

I’m going fishing with Jonah and my great grandfather tomorrow, first time I’ve met either of them. Can’t wait!

It’s very bright; sunglasses for newbies would be a nice touch.

The truth about aliens was a total surprise.

OMY! I’m still in shock about who’s here and who isn’t.

Earlier, I got to thank Jesus, IN PERSON!!

Never realized how little I understood Worship.

I’m really glad to be here.

Looking forward to some more time with you tomorrow.

Thanks again for preparing all this for me.




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